1. Netflix

Netflix has a lot of great content. They ship to APO addresses, although it does take a bit longer to receive the discs in the mail. You will need a VPN service if you want to stream instantly to your computer, PS3, or Apple TV. But it can be worth it considering how many good shows are available.

Top Shows: Futurama, 30 Rock, How I Met your Mother, The Wonder Years (yeah that’s right!), Breaking Bad, Lost

How I Met Your Mother

2. Hulu

During the first part of my deployment, Hulu was blocked and required a VPN service. But towards the end, they opened it up and I could access it from a military base. So give Hulu a shot! Like Netflix, they have a lot of great content. The interface is very slick.

Top Shows: The Office, Family Guy, Southpark, Tosh.0, Desperate Housewives, Modern Family

The Office

3. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon has really improved their service over the last two years. Viewing shows over Prime used to be very clunky. But I logged into Amazon Prime with my PS3 the other day and was surprised how nice it was. My son and I watched Spongebob for a few hours!

Top Shows for free with Prime: Spongebob Square Pants, The West Wing, Arrested Development, Dora the Explorer, Dinosaur Train

Top Shows for Purchase: Breaking Bad

Spongebob Squarepants

4. iTunes

Of course iTunes doesn’t have anything for free. But they do have the best selection. If you can’t find your favorite TV show for “free” on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, then iTunes is probably your best bet.

They’re also one of the best options for overseas military, since they don’t block you from downloading while connected to an overseas IP address (that’s my experience).


5. HBO Go

HBO Go only works if you subscribe through your cable provider. In addition, they only support certain cable providers, such as Comcast and Cox. If you’re lucky enough to have this working, then congrats! HBO has some of the best shows on television!

Top Shows: The Wire, True Blood, Sopranos


6. Slingbox

If you deploy overseas but still have cable back in the states, then you can hook up a Slingbox and stream all of your channels to your laptop. I would love to hear some feedback from someone who has this working. I haven’t personally used it, but wish I had tried it during my last deployment.


7. Streaming from network TV web sites


This was how I watched Survivor every week while deployed. Just be careful when browsing to the episode. Sometime they show you who gets kicked off!

Tell us which solutions are working for you in the comments!


Today I want to introduce you to five books that have influenced my life in every way. These books are straight forward and simple, but yield amazing results.

1. Getting Things Done by David Allen

Getting Things Done

Productivity. It’s essential in today’s military. There’s not enough time to accomplish everything on your To Do list. Your head feels cluttered trying to keep up with your primary job, family, volunteering, and college. Getting Things Done is the answer to the knowledge worker’s problems.

In his book, David Allen shows you how to capture everything that you think about into a single system. Write down all your projects and commitments. Organize them by context, or the place where you will likely accomplish them. If something takes less than two minutes, do it.

I’ve used GTD for five years now and have accomplished so much. I feel good about myself knowing I’m keeping up with my job and not neglecting my family. Give GTD a try!

 2. Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Total Money Makeover

The first books I read on personal finance were about investing. I was really into the Motley Fool and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Those books are great, but you need to read Total Money Makeover first. Why? You need to have your finances in order before you start investing.

You need an emergency fund (at least $500). You need to pay off your credit cards and get out of debt (for good!). Dave Ramsey calls these baby steps and he lays them out in plain english.

Dave Ramsey has a great radio show that will keep you on track. My favorite thing about Dave Ramsey is how he keeps you motivated!

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleA huge part of leadership is learning to deal with people. I can’t think of a better way to learn this skill then by reading How to Win Friends.

This part of the book has always stuck with me:

Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

This book shows you how to treat people, whether it’s in the workplace or not. I’ve given this book to several NCOs that were trying to improve their leadership skills, and have seen improvement in every one.

Improving your relationships will improve your life. This is a book that everybody should read at least once.

4. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThis is a great all around book on improving yourself. If you want to get promoted at work, just try implementing the first seven habits:

Be Proactive
Begin with the end in mind
Put first things first

There are countless books written on each of these three subjects alone. Steven Covey covers them brilliantly and in a simple fashion. His final habit “Sharpen the Saw” reminds us to continually read, learn, and exercise to keep our bodies and minds in excellent shape.

5. Body for Life by Bill Phillips

Body for LifeBody for Life is a great book that will help you get in shape. It not olny covers fitness, but also eating healthy. The support files on the web site are great and help keep you on track.

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