Hi I’m Casey. I’ve been in the military for 16 years. I enlisted at age 18 and moved from the rank of E-1 to E-5 in the Air Force before getting accepted into a commissioning program. After completing my degree at the University of California I came back into the military and am currently a Major stationed in beautiful Hawaii. I’ve PCS’d six times and deployed twice, with a total 15 months away from home. I have a wonderful wife and two kids.

What This Site is About

The military is a great life. It definitely has its challenges, to include moving to strange places, crazy work hours, and deployments. I’ve made mistakes during my time in the military, but I’ve learned from them. My goal with this web site is to pass on lessons learned to improve your life while in the military, in particular:

  • Joining the Military
  • Becoming an Officer
  • Deploying
  • Buying your first home
  • Saving money
  • Saving time and becoming more productive

Stay in Touch

I encourage everybody to post comments and pass on your own experience when you see a topic that you know something about. You can contact me by clicking on my contact page. Become a fan on my Facebook page.

Good luck with your military career… stay positive!