Skype: Receive Calls While Deployed

Skype for MilitarySkype is awesome. Walk through any barracks lucky enough to have internet access while deployed, and you’ll hear that familiar “boo bee boop” ring tone.

Beyond using the free version of Skype, I recommend setting up a Skype phone number. That gives you a US based phone number, that rings when you are logged into Skype. Why is that great?

1. Your loved ones can call you from a cell phone while out and about

Due to the time zone difference, my wife was usually doing something outside the house when we talked on Skype. I didn’t have to wait until she was home, and could talk to her while at a friend’s house.

2. Relatives can call you without using a computer

I gave my Dad the phone number and he called me several times when he knew I was off work.

Do you have any tips on using Skype while deployed or overseas?