Shaw AFB Overview

Shaw Air Force Base is located in the town Sumter, SC.  Sumter is a fairly small town, and you may have heard some bad things about it. But let me tell you why it’s not so bad:

  • You get a lot of house (and yard!) for your money. If you have kids or pets and want a large yard for them to move around in, you’ll find many options in Sumter that suit your needs.
  • Property taxes are very low. Speaking of taxes, did you know that military can buy a car in South Carolina tax-free? We purchased a new Honda minivan and paid only $34 in registration and taxes.
  • The town is very friendly towards military
  • You are a short drive from some nice cities, including Columbia (45 minutes), Charleston (1.5 hours), Myrtle Beach (2 hours), and Savannah, GA (2 hours)