How to Ship a Vehicle for a PCS or Deployment

Maybe you have a new car that you don’t want to rack up miles on. Or you want to drive with your spouse in one car rather than follow each other all the way across the country.

In either case, shipping a vehicle by truck is an excellent option and is much easier than you think.

We recently shipped our Honda Odyssey from South Carolina to California. My wife moved in with her parents for a year and it made much more sense for her to fly with our 3 year old rather than drive. TMO did not cover the cost of shipping the van but they did pay for the airline tickets.

We were able to ship our van for $800. ┬áThe truck drove right up to our house and loaded the van. It showed up in California at my in-laws’ house six days later in perfect condition.


  • Save money by driving your vehicle to a major city for pickup rather than having it picked up at your home

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