GI Bill – the Education Jackpot

New GI BillThe new GI Bill should be presented with a big check like you just won the lottery.  A newscaster should ask you what you’re going to do now that you have the GI Bill.  It’s really that good.

Back in the day, getting a military scholarship to pay for tuition and books was a major feat.  For mine, I filled out mountains of paperwork.  I met with my commander to ask for an endorsement. I committed to attend ROTC.   The new GI Bill gives you a full scholarship and more without the hassle.

The New GI Bill

The new GI Bill pays a hefty living allowance, book allowance, and for most schools, full tuition and fees.  I entered my alma mater UC Davis into the GI Bill calculator to see what benefits you could receive today.  According to the results, you would receive:

  • $13,079 for tuition and fees (pays 100%)
  • $1,680 per month living allowance
  • $500 paid twice per year for books

All this for 3 years! A quick look on the UC Davis Community Housing Listing shows that a two-bedroom apartment is around $1,000.  So the monthly living allowance could more than pay for your housing.  Get a part-time job on campus and you’re set!

GI Bill Calculator Results for UC Davis

GI Bill Calculator Results for University of California, Davis

Today’s military are extremely fortunate to have this program available.  A wise plan would be to accomplish the first year of college while in the military using tuition assistance.  When you go to college full-time, you’ll have a full ride for the remaining three years.

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GI Bill Phone Number:  1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)